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When Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Get You

Based on geo volcanic history, Mt. Tengger was originally formed by two closely located mounts, namely Tengger and Semeru. The mount once experienced twice tremendous explosions causing a huge caldera of approx 200 meters dept. The caldera was originally in the form of vast sand sea, followed by the creation of hills, known as mounts Watangan, Widodaren, Kursi, Segara Wedi Kidul, Segara Wedi Lor, Bromo, and Batok. Among those seven mounts, Bromo is the only active volcano at present.

Tourist Objects and Attractions around Bromo Tengger Caldera
1. Enjoying wandering in the vast sand sea, while taking pictures.
2. Watching spring water at Widodaren cave. The water coming out from this spring is considered as sacred water and it is used during the execution of Yadnya Kasada. This is a religious ceremony which is carried out every year based on Tengger Tribe Calendar.
3. Having a horse back-riding and mount cycling.
4. Walking upward to the top of the Bromo through concrete stairs, should you afford to do it.

During Yadnya Kasada, tourist and local people come in flocks to this area. They are curious to watch that ritual procession. The temple at which the event is carried out is located in the sea of sand, close to mounts Bromo and Batok.
It’s not far away from Mt. Bromo, down on the northern side you may find Mt. Penanjakan. With approx. height of +2.774 m asl, this is a suitable point to watch sun rise and to enjoy the view of Mt. Bromo. Most tourists have come to this point at 04.00 am. Heading for Jemplang, you’ll have to pass through a vast sand sea. The sand is porous, dried, and light during dry season. The sands will produce a hissing sound when they are strongly blown by the wind. That’s why it is called as the area of the hissing sands. When you are at the sand sea, you may experience the Bromo not only by a four wheel drive, or on foot, but also through horse back riding.
Heading for the Southern side of mount Bromo, there you’ll meet a vast grassy plain with its beautiful Teletubbie’s hills. The beauty of this place comes out when wet season falls, during which season the area is totally blanketed with green grass. The hills gradually change to yellow in flowering season, and brown in dry season. In addition, this place also has a cool temperature, clean and fresh air, breezing wind, and excellent views that are perfect for making pictures with family, relatives, and friends.

Mount Climbing at Bromo Tengger Area
If you are outdoor sport fans, particularly for mount climbing, you may choose to do it at Mt. Watangan, Widodaren, Kursi, Segara Wedi Kidul, Segara Wedi Lor, Bromo, or at Mt Batok. However, you should do it accompanied by our rangers or porters who know well how to get there safely.

Mount Semeru Climbing
The access for Mt. Semeru is commonly opened during dry season, however the opening the access is basically subject to the recommendations issued by the Centre of Volcanic Agency in Bandung. The climbing starts from Ranupani Resort and must be in groups. Before starting the climbing you may set a side your time to have a look around two lakes there, Ranupani and Ranuregulo. You can find great views like virgin forest, clean and beautiful lake. It can be the best place for you to camping or just relaxing.
Ranukumbolo is another lake, it is the most beautiful one in the park. Ranukumbolo is located on the climbing route to Mt. Semeru and it may be reached within three to fours hours walking from the Ranupani Resort. This is a very cold place to visit for those who come from tropical countries. After that you can reach a beautiful grassy plain area, called Oro Oro Ombo, meaning a vast grassy plain and you can find thousand of flowers are blooming around the area. Next you will have to walk across the mountainous cypress forest called Cemoro Kandang.
Having left Cemoro Kandang, you can get the Kalimati. Its mean a waterless river, but nearby clean and drinkable spring water can be found there, called Sumber Mani. From Kalimati you have to come into Arcopodo a mountainous cypress forest with steeply hills, sandy and porous soil. At the end of this place you will find a twin statue. You are now coming to the hardest area with a steeply, sandy, bare without vegetation hill. The wind blows so strong all around this area.
Finally you come to the top of Mt.Semeru, you can celebrate and enjoy your success of climbing this highest volcano in Java.

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