Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Thousand Islands (Jakarta)

It’s called Thousand Islands, but actually the actual number of islands is only around 110, and all are still in the area of North Jakarta. Even the closest island can be reached in just 25 minutes from Marina Ancol.
With the total width of 107.489 hectares, Thousand Islands are still a part of national sea garden. In order to ensure preservation programs, only 45 islands can be used as recreational and tourism spots.There are more than 9 resorts spread out among these islands, and many things can be done around here, from diving, going on banana boat, snorkeling, and fishing, to learning about mangrove trees and sea turtle conservation, watching wild life creatures, and visiting Netherlands left over archeological site. You can also pick an exclusive vacation in the resort or blend in through the life of the islands community through home stay.
Rambut Island
This island is inhibited with vary kinds of birds, especially water birds. It’s best known as shelter towards migrating birds.
In order to explore this island, you have to go on a steep road. Just walk along on this road to enjoy the panoramic views from these conservation areas. As you get in deeper into the forest the trees will envelope you. Their branches can even sprawl out into the middle of the road. To get better view, try to get to the top of the old lighthouse made in 1942 located in the middle of the island. From 25 meters up of this tower, the vast ocean view spans 360 meters. Meanwhile, from the plethora of green trees around the tower there are hundreds of birds buzzing about.
Pramuka Island and Karya Island
Pramuka Island is one of the inhabited islands, with 16 hectares this area has around two thousand residents and is a good conservation place for the hawksbill turtle, one of the six kinds of sea turtle that reside in and are protected by Indonesia.
Many things you can be done around here, from releasing the baby turtles in Karya Island, snorkeling, you can go around for visiting the part from Pramuka Island which used for fish cultivation place and a model of milkfish cultivation. The product was boneless milkfish, for your knowledge this bone was manually taken one by one by the workers. You can see also the big fish around here just likes Napoleon, Baracuda, Platax, Kuwe, and Julung-Julung in the floating net by the sea.
Untung Jawa Island
Untung Jawa Island is the most visited by the tourist, its self supported by native residents, this areas has recently become a mass tourist project to middle class and lower class societies.
Mawaris music (traditional Betawi music) was played by some boys using tambourines as we came in to dock. Usually tourists come just to enjoy seafood and coconuts sold by the locals, since the island is not far from Marina Ancol, Jet Ski groups wandering around the island constantly crowd Untung Jawa. Beside that the Mangrove forest here is interesting to see, stretching 200 meters is a wooden bridge with several stopping points to view mangrove life including crabs, eels and birds.
Resort Island
You can choose an exclusive tour just choose the islands with resorts. The majority of these islands are located north with clean sea compared to those toward the south. These islands offer various activities of water sports. Beside that, every resort has its own characteristic that differs then from the others.
Putri Island has underwater aquarium 24 meters long with a vast array of sea creatures such as sea turtles, commercial fish, sharks, sea horses and ray fishes. You can have scuba dive in here beside that if you cant dive you still enjoy the beauty of the sea without getting wet.
Pantara Island was previously known as Antuk Island, you can pick a resort on the east part or west part, so you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset. They are also music room facing the open sea.
Sepa Island, the beach in this resort can be called one of the best around, perfect for the beginner divers. They are also have a conservation program about the hawksbill turtle from Pramuka Island.
Matahari Island, as well as docks stretching out to the open sea that have chairs perfect for lazing about.
Bira Island, it has a 9-holes golf course, biking activity. Just feel free to get your leisure time in here.
Kotok Island, is a resort that keeps preserves nature so well that we can still see a big sea plants while walking along the island. Some monitor lizards are often seen on shore.
Bidadari Island, has Martello castle built with 2 floors in 1876 left by the Netherlands.
Ayer Island, can be reached in 25 minutes from Marina Ancol.

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