Sunday, May 30, 2010

Journey Into The Deeps

As popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, East Java has many tourist attractions, such as natural, cultural and special interest one. It also has many karsts areas and calcified hill that make natural caves of thousands or billions years ago.
Enjoy your journey to the center of the earth…….
Akbar Cave in Tuban
It is a cave that has uniqueness and special characteristics compared with the other caves in Indonesia. That uniqueness is visible from its interesting and charming space. Tuban down town that is why town is called as thousand cave town. There is also an alley in the cave going to underground of river, in which its water is very clean and there are various fishes living there.
Maharani Cave
Maharani cave is one of natural miracles found accidentally by some diggers of substance phosphate on 6th of August, 1992. It has a millions of beauty stays in the dept of 25 meters from land surface with the cavity cave for the width of 2500 m2. Experts in cave and visitors tell that Maharani is the same as famous caves in the world, such as Altamira in Spain, Mamouth and Carlsbad in America and also Coranche in France.
Embultuk Cave
Embultuk cave is a natural cave; it has a beautiful view when you enter the cave along 1-5 kilometers. You will see very charming stalactite and stalagmite and the sound of streaming water along the cave. When you entering this cave you should prepare the clothe change, because it have to pass the river about one meter deep. Just an amazing experience you got here.
Langseh Cave
There is almost no stalactite and stalagmite in this cave, but there are a million interesting stories in the cave which is close to the resettlement. It has great long stories about nine saints (wali songo).
Gong Cave
What a great cave here, besides having beautiful stalagmite and stalactite this cave also has four water sources that have mystics for those who believe in. This cave is often used as a place for meditation for them who want to pray for God. Gong cave has nominated as most beautiful cave in South East Asia which can catch the eyes of domestic and foreign tourist. The cave it self was equipped with the air conditioner that makes tourist feel comfortable.
Ngerong Cave
Ngerong cave is a cave that is a lot of dwelt by hundreds of bats, from caves mouth emits a stream of the very clear river, so we can see thousands of fish having bizarre exasperation that is like to eat the wedge of the Randu tree and do not run when visitors hold.
Selomangleng Cave
There is no stalactite and stalagmite in Selomangleng Cave, stone hill forming alley it is said place of axle journal Kediri’s king at 10th century. In the cave there are ordinary relief inscriptions or old world’s omission temple. Interesting relief is picture of story of Arjuna Wiwaha and a inscription in the form af ancient characters in stone.
Lowo Cave
This beautiful cave with its stalactites and stalagmites consists of nine big rooms. There have been built bridge and completed with the electric lightings and children plays, a very wide parking area outside the cave. According to the expert (Mr. Robert Kingstone Kho and Gilbert Manthovani) Lowo cave is one of the biggest caves in Asia and it is very beautiful cave. Inside the cave, there is a small river with the fresh water and we look up, there is the sun light from the small hole.
Tetes Cave
Tetes cave is a tourist cave in which there are multifarious stalactite and stalagmite. To get here you should take to the hill about two kilometers long to the mouth of cave. Before entering the cave, the tourist has to swim through waterfall in front of the cave. Uniqueness this cave is believed by the society to be able to firm up broken family.
Putri Asih Cave
Visitors who want to see the uniqueness of Putri Asih Cave have to downstairs make about 20 meters. Differing from other entrance accessibility in general, Putri Asih Cave cannot look the mouth of cave when we see from a head. We can enjoy the beauty of stalactite is bend (small serge) stalagmite and which look like the clump crop when we are decreasing downwards.
If you have been inside the space, it is better for you to look backward, you will find the meeting place for the great kings with amazing stalactite and stalagmite. Various forms of porosities of limestone endokarst , it look like needle, pot, stupa. Even it seems like shark fins.

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